Beaver Run’s Greenbrier Resort’s Greenbill Trail reopened after being closed for three months

Greenbriers resort is back to full operation after being shut down for three weeks for safety reasons.

The Greenbriars Resort and Spa reopened Friday after nearly a week of closures for the health department and other agencies, which are investigating a number of health problems linked to a virus that has been spreading at the resort.

According to the Health Department, more than 50 cases of the coronavirus were reported at the Greenbruises.

Officials said the health and safety department is working with local and state health departments to determine the cause of the illness and will reopen to visitors in the coming days.

The resort closed in late January for the first time since December, when the virus spread to the resort and nearby community.

Officials told News 3 the resort was shut down because it was too close to two other hotels that are currently being monitored for possible transmission of the virus.

The two other health care facilities are located on Lake Okeechobee.

The Department of Health has recommended that residents who visit the resort return by July 21 to continue being monitored, the Health Dept. said.

Officials at the Beaver run Resort and spa said they are still investigating the possible transmission link.

In the meantime, people should stay at home until further notice.

The resort is closed until further notification, and all public facilities are closed for the rest of the week.

Anyone who may have visited the Greenberry Run Resort and is experiencing symptoms should call 911 or contact the local health department, officials said.

For more information on the virus, visit the CDC website.