Why you should stay at a vegan resort in Stowe

Why you shouldn’t.

It’s a big question, one that could mean the difference between you spending your summer vacation at a luxury resort and a luxury hotel, or going out on a budget.

But there’s one resort on Stowe Mountain Resort that has made the distinction well worth the wait, and it’s an institution that is the envy of any vegan-friendly destination. 

Stowe Mountain is a popular resort for vegans, vegans in particular, with many opting to spend their summer at the resort because of the number of vegan options.

The resort is located in the Stowe Mountains, a region that has seen a rise in interest in veganism over the last few years, with the number one trend being the emergence of vegan cafes, eateries and vegan-themed restaurants. 

As of now, Stowe has over 200 vegan restaurants and cafes, offering vegans a great option to experience the region’s beautiful mountain scenery while enjoying the food. 

In addition to the many vegan restaurants, there are vegan options at the local shops, bars and restaurants.

Stowe is also home to a few vegan-owned businesses that are also offering the option of veganism in the area, such as the vegan coffee and vegan ice cream shops. 

While the options at Stowe are pretty limited, you can find vegan-centric options at many of the local eateries, including The Green Grocer and Bakery Nouveau. 

 The Vegan Café in Stowisham is a small, one-room café that offers a vegan menu and is open Monday to Saturday from 6pm to 8pm, with a daily selection of vegan-inspired sandwiches. 

The vegan coffee shop in Stowishams is another vegan cafe that has a limited menu, offering vegan coffees, tea and hot chocolate. 

Baker Nouveaux in Stowell Mountain is home to Vegan Café a small, two-level vegan café, located in a converted dairy barn. 

A few weeks ago, a new vegan cafe opened in Stowan, and the owner of Vegetarian Cafe is planning on expanding the cafe’s menu. 

If you’re interested in vegan-compatible options, Baked Vegan is a new café located in Avebury. 

You can expect to find vegan and vegetarian food at the café, and Baptist Food & Wine offers an extensive vegan menu, including vegan cheeses and veggie burgers. 

On the other side of the mountain, you’ll find the vegan café Atomic Vegan, which is located on the main beach in Stovall. 

At Atomic Vegan, veg-friendly cuisine is offered as well as vegan-appropriate desserts and beverages, and a vegan ice-cream bar. 

This vegan café is located on the beach, just across the street from Stovall’s Kellogg Bakery, which is also located across the road. 

There are plenty of vegan restaurants on Stowishes map, from the vegan cafe at Bakers Nouveaus and the Killer Vegan Cafe to the Stolichnaya vegan café in Stoway. 

So, which vegan-compliant options are you looking for at Stowies land?

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