Why you should buy a $100,000 condo at a resort in New Zealand

The latest home prices in New Zeland, New Zealand, are about 20% above their pre-recession peak, according to the National Property Assessment Office.

The median price of a home there is $1.7 million, and the median income of a resident is $71,000.

But while that is pretty close to the pre-crisis peak, it’s not a huge amount compared to some other parts of the world.

In New Zealand the median annual income is $8,000, according the NPAO.

The top 20% of earners in New England earn more than $100 million annually.

Read more: New Zealand home sales rise as recession fades The NPAOs data is based on data from the National Housing Federation, which tracks real estate data.

The NFA’s data shows that in 2016, there were more than 12,700 new housing units added to the market, and just over 6,700 homes sold.

New Zeland’s median house price was $2.2 million, according NPAo data.

The NPAoi’s latest analysis shows that the median home price in New York City is $3.2-million.

It’s not just New Zealand that is experiencing a boom in prices.

Prices in New Orleans, Houston and Austin are among the highest in the country.

The median house sale price in Texas is about $1 million.

In Austin, it was $1,868,000 and in New Mexico, it reached $2 million.

In the U.S., the median sales price in 2017 was $5.8 million, which is about 30% above the same year last year.

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