Ski resorts in the Cape Cod region of Massachusetts hit with ‘major snow’ event

A storm that has killed at least 11 people across Massachusetts is sweeping through the Cape, leaving the area under heavy snow.

The storm, the second worst snowfall in the state’s history, is expected to produce snow that falls anywhere from 10 to 25 inches across the Cape.

A man is helped into a car as a woman and her child are trapped by a fallen tree in Cape Cod on Saturday.

(Photo: K.J. Spillman, AP) It’s been a stormy, wet winter for Cape Cod, a resort town of just under 1 million people on the North Shore, where the annual winter snowfall has been near 1 inch.

It comes as New England continues to prepare for a possible return to the colder weather expected in early spring.

Snowfall is expected across the Northeast, from Massachusetts to Maine, the National Weather Service said.

A man helps a family trapped in a car during the winter storm.

“There’s no telling what we’re going to see down here,” said Lisa Schmitt, a retired nurse from the Cape in southern Massachusetts.

Snow is also expected to fall on parts of the Northeast coast.

A woman and child are rescued after a falling tree fell on them at Cape Cod ski resort.

“(Snow is) not going to be this easy and this consistent.

The cold is going to come in a big way.

And you have to be prepared for that,” Schmitt said.

Cape Cod Mayor Michael Schmitt says the storm is bringing severe snow to the area.

Many of the ski resorts in Cape Town and Boston have been closed and many areas have been without power.

Massachusetts Gov.

Deval Patrick is urging residents to stay at home and let the weather play out.

Officials have said the storm will produce up to 10 inches of snow and winds of up to 65 mph.

People were still shoveling snow on Friday from the South Shore ski resort in Cape Verde.