Why does this tree make you smile?

The most common response from visitors to trees is laughter.

But a new study shows that it’s also the most common reaction people give when they think about trees.

A new study published in the journal Nature found that people can actually respond more strongly to images of trees when they’re thinking about them.

A number of factors can affect the way people respond to trees.

Researchers found that the more people thought about a tree in their head, the more likely they were to laugh at its picture.

People who thought about trees in their heads also had the lowest facial sensitivity when they thought about pictures of other objects in their environment, like trees.

People were also more likely to think about tree photos of their friends, family and even people who weren’t in their social circles.

This suggests that the “giggle factor” people may have in their minds may be tied to a deeper emotion, said study author Jessica O’Connor, a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

The study focused on people who are used to being in a relaxed state of mind, and the researchers used a series of online tests to test the participants’ mental state when they were thinking about trees or other objects.

They were also asked to rate how happy or sad they felt.

People rated more positive responses to photos of trees in the forest, and this correlated with a higher facial sensitivity for trees.

The researchers found that smiling was more important for the people who were looking at the photos than for those looking at them in a more formal setting.

O’Conner said her research shows that people are able to respond more positively to images when they feel the “laughing” aspect of their response.

“This means that there’s some sort of emotional response that people have when they look at images of a tree,” O’Connell said.

The smile may come from a sense of humor or a deeper sense of enjoyment.

Olin said it’s not clear whether people are simply laughing at the tree or thinking about it as a joke, but both are possible.

“There’s an emotional element in the response, but we don’t know if that’s just a laugh or a laugh that makes you smile,” she said.

People are also able to interpret the “grin” when looking at images in a certain way, and that may be related to the way the pictures are made.

The results are consistent with previous research that has shown that people respond more to the positive and neutral facial expressions in images of animals.

Oconnor and her colleagues wanted to find out whether people who looked at pictures of animals in their home environment responded to those images more positively than people who had to look at them as a visual object in their room.

They used the same three online tests and asked people to rate the positive facial expressions and the neutral facial expression.

People with a high facial sensitivity rated the neutral face more positively and a high smile more negatively.

“I think it’s a good study, because it shows that there are a lot of factors that can affect our facial expressions, so it’s important to understand those factors and use that to better understand what’s happening with your facial muscles,” Olin explained.

OCONNOR is a postdoc at the College of Arts and Sciences at the National University of Singapore.

This article originally appeared on The Conversation.

Read the original article.

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