Which hotel is the best in Vegas?

In our 2016 Vegas Guide, we ranked each of the Las Vegas hotels according to their “quality” rating, with the lowest score going to the “theaters” and the highest being the “hotels” that offer “the best bang for your buck.”

While the rating of each hotel is based on the rating on TripAdvisor, TripAdvisories are a subjective and highly subjective guide to a hotel’s quality.

It is not an exact science, but the average rating for all of the hotels we tested in the past year is “4.7 out of 5.”

While we have a large sample size of over 1,300 reviews from TripAdvisors, the “best” rating of a hotel depends on a lot of factors, including the quality of the accommodations, amenities, food, etc. That being said, here’s a rundown of the Vegas hotels that we found to be the best places to stay in 2016:1.

The Beach Club: We’re really big fans of the Beach Club in Vegas, and we’ve reviewed them numerous times in the last few years.

The location and the resort amenities make the Beach the perfect spot for any type of group.

The property also features a pool with an infinity pool and the best view of Las Vegas from the beach.

We love the food and cocktails, too.2.

The Palazzo Las Vegas: The Palzocas Las Vegas is one of the biggest hotels in Las Vegas.

It features the latest technology in dining and entertainment, including an indoor concert venue.

It’s also a popular spot for those who love to get out and have fun.

It has a large rooftop pool, a bar and restaurant, as well as a full bar.3.

The Venetian Las Vegas Beach Club is another of the hotel’s many options, with a lot more rooms and a bigger pool.

It also has a rooftop pool and indoor concert space.4.

The Shangri-La Hotel & Casino: Shangri La’s newest hotel in Las Verces is just one of many options for a group of people to enjoy the Las Verctas area.

There are plenty of restaurants and bars, and the area is also very friendly to tourists.5.

The Golden Nugget Las Vegas offers many of the same amenities that the Beach club and Shangri Laps have, with multiple restaurants and a rooftop patio.

It comes with the best views of Las Vercias.6.

The Mirage: The Mirage offers a large indoor concert arena and is one among many Las Vegas resorts that offers an outdoor patio.7.

The Paradise: This resort is located right on the beach, and it’s very well equipped for a large group.8.

The Bellagio: The Bellamy Hotel is a hotel that’s a part of the MGM resort complex, and this hotel is one that we really love.

It offers a lot to choose from, including its large indoor bar, pool, poolside deck, outdoor pool and a full-service restaurant.9.

The Luxor: Luxor offers an array of amenities, including a huge outdoor pool, an indoor music venue and a lounge.10.

The Las Vegas Golden Nuggy: The Las Veinta Hotel offers a huge, outdoor swimming pool, two restaurants and two bars.11.

The Tropicana: The Tropics Las Vegas features an indoor restaurant and an outdoor bar, while the Tropicas Las Veints resort offers a lounge and indoor pool.12.

The Mandalay Bay: Mandalay Beach is a popular place for people who love Vegas and has a lot going for it.

It hosts a number of events that include concerts and events in the water.13.

The MGM Grand: This MGM Grand is located in downtown Las Vegas, but it also has the most rooms and amenities of any of the resort hotels in Vegas.14.

The Four Seasons Resort & Casino, Las Vegas (or “4 Seasons”): Located on the east side of Las Cruces, this resort offers outdoor pools, an outdoor dance floor, a restaurant and bars.15.

The Sands: The Sands is located on the west side of Vegas, which has a more modern and upscale vibe.

This resort has outdoor pools and an indoor dance floor.16.

The Riviera: Located on Las Vegas’ south side, this luxury resort has the best dining and a great view of the Pacific Ocean.

It even has a pool.17.

The Grand Hyatt: Located at the south end of Vegas’ main strip, this hotel offers a very large outdoor swimming pond, indoor bar and an entertainment area.18.

The Ritz Carlton: Located in Las Cruys north end, this is a beautiful hotel with a great rooftop pool.19.

The Sheraton Downtown: This hotel is located at the north end of Las Crans.

It was one of our favorite hotels to stay at during the 2016 season.20. The Res