What you need to know about Universal Orlando’s new theme park

The Universal Orlando theme park will be officially opened to the public this weekend, but the company isn’t yet revealing exactly how it’ll be different from other theme parks.

The park will open with a full-day experience, and the theme park’s press conference is expected to start at 10 a.m.

ET on Saturday, May 17, the company announced.

The park will have an extended, “sunny day,” with special effects and a nighttime view of the sun, including a nighttime sunbathing area.

Guests will be able to see sunsets, sunset, sunrise and sunset again.

The theme park is also expected to have some more unique attractions.

For instance, there will be a “Pilot” show, which will showcase some of the parks newest attractions.

A “The Great Wall” ride will open next week.

In addition, Universal will debut a new character-centric ride called “Universal: The Great Wall of China.”

The ride, which takes guests on a walk around the Great Wall, will debut sometime this summer.

“We’re thrilled to share this new experience with guests,” said Universal CEO John Lasseter.

“Universal is a family of theme parks, and we believe in our guests being able to explore these theme parks in an engaging, exciting way.

We want to bring all the fun and excitement to our guests in this exciting new adventure.”