‘We love the kalaharis’: Kaleem and Kaleel are in love with their kalarahari resort

KALAHEAR, ARGENTINA — The Kalahari Desert Resort in the foothills of the Andes is just what the doctor ordered for Kaleemon and Kalede.

With over 500 acres of desert in their backyard, the two young girls are in the midst of their first two years of school.

Kaleema is studying business management, while Kaledel is studying in human development.

“We love it here, we love the animals,” said Kaledele, 14.

“But we’re a little nervous about the sun.

They’re so cute when they’re sunbathing.”

The KalAHARI desert is one of the world’s most spectacularly arid areas.

Its dry, barren landscapes are home to rare, exotic animals such as leopards, pumas and camels, but the most important thing for the young family is their family of desert cats.

“I’m excited for the first time seeing a lion,” said Mina, 8.

“They’re just so big and majestic.”

Kaleem loves to take the cats on her daily walks, as the resort has the largest petting zoo in the world.

Kaledeal enjoys spending time with her cat.

“He’s so cute,” said the 14-year-old.

“And he’s a little sad sometimes when he goes on his own, because he wants to go home to his family, but he’s afraid that I will take him away.

But he’s so friendly.

He loves my cats.”

Kaledela loves the animals as well.

“My cats are so nice, so big, so adorable,” she said.

“That’s why I love to take them on walks.”

The girls are learning to live in a world that is totally different from the one they were raised in.

Kalingele said she learned to walk from her mother, who was a cat lover.

She is now spending time learning how to take care of her cats and to walk with them.

“When I first started taking care of them, I would get nervous, but I started to learn how to be gentle with them,” she explained.

“You have to be really gentle, because it’s very hard to care for them in the desert.”

The KALAHARI Desert Resort is located in the rugged and remote Kalaharis mountains.

The resort offers a variety of activities for kids, including the annual Kalaharari Walk, where children learn to walk the desert.

It also has an animal zoo, an exhibit garden and a children’s playground.

“I love seeing how the animals behave, especially when they see people,” said 13-year old Kaledema.

“So many people like to take pictures of them and try to capture them.”

The kalawali’s cat owners say it’s their responsibility to educate their children about the desert environment.

KALAKAHA, BOLIVIA — As the parents of two teenage girls, Kaledale and Kalesha are looking forward to their first summer together.

“It’s going to be great for us, we’re going to have lots of fun,” said mom Mina.

“Because the children here are going to understand that it’s not a good idea to go on the beach or do anything in the sun.”

The Kalahares love their desert home and the fact that they can live in the most remote part of the country.

“The Kalahs are very remote from civilization,” said dad Kaledha.

“Our family is so remote, we don’t go to a city, so we have to find our own way to the desert,” said daughter Kaledea.

The KalAHARIS are proud parents of a family of five.

For the past year, they have been traveling to the Kalaharia Desert and visiting some of the most famous places in the region.

They have also visited the mountains and explored the jungle.

One of the main attractions for the family is a safari.

“In the last few years, we’ve been traveling around, taking our children for hikes and exploring,” said father Kaledeah.

“A safari is always a big moment for us.”

For now, the Kalahs and their cats have the same vacation plans: “We’re going back to see them again in the mountains.

It’s always good to see the cats, especially the tigers, who are also very important to our family,” said mother Mina while walking the cats.

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