Trump ‘finally’ says he won’t cancel ‘major’ ski resorts

President Donald Trump on Tuesday declared victory over the legal battle over his $1.9 billion plan to build a large-scale ski resort in the heart of the state.

Trump’s statement to the Wall Street Journal followed a hearing in which a judge ordered that the president’s plan to open the resort, which would include a hotel, golf courses and a hotel casino, remain in place despite the court’s ruling.

The resort has not been announced.

“I’m very proud of the work that we have done,” Trump said, adding that “major” resorts “have been shut down and have been eliminated.”

“This is a very significant victory,” he added.

Trump also told reporters that the Trump Organization had filed its petition for an injunction in a case in which the state of Montana sought to stop the project from moving forward.

He said the company would not seek an injunction because the decision to block the project had been made by a judge and not by the administration.

“We were the only ones standing up for the public interest,” Trump told reporters.

The Trump administration has argued that the plan to create a ski resort and golf course in the area would create “an unreasonable risk” that it would attract foreign tourists and that it “is not in the public’s interest” to build it.

The resort, designed by Skyski International, is the centerpiece of a $2.5 billion plan that was approved by the Trump administration last year, when it was unclear whether the project would ever move forward.

The plan also called for construction of a casino, and the president had said he would not allow the project to proceed without a major change to the state’s tourism tax structure.

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