Trump and Ivanka: How the ‘New Apprentice’ star turned her career into a ‘gold mine’

By now, we know how Ivanka Trump became a reality TV star.

Her father, President Donald Trump, signed the first executive order creating the National Labor Relations Board, a labor law agency that oversees the workplace.

Ivanka and her husband, Jared Kushner, took on the White House, as did a young, ambitious daughter, Chelsea.

Now, we learn that her mother, Ivanka, is also running for the presidency.

Her husband, who served as president for two terms, is a co-chair of Ivanka Trump’s new company, which is a spinoff of the Trump Organization.

Ivanka Trump, who has made the transition from her mother’s White House into a business venture, has made herself one of the most visible faces of her family’s sprawling brand.

The new, $20 billion company, now known as Ivanka Trump & Co., has grown from a few dozen staffers to almost 3,000.

Ivanka is in charge of the company’s global brand strategy, and she also runs the Trump Organisation.

She is the company CEO, the president of the board of directors, the chief executive officer, and the president and CEO of the family business.

And, of course, she is the first daughter of the 45th president of this country.

She also serves as the CEO of her husband’s new private equity firm, the Trump Global Initiative, which manages the company and has a number of other assets.

While many of her business decisions have been criticized, she has taken a more active role in her daughter’s life.

“She’s the mother of her daughter, the first woman president of America,” her daughter said of Ivanka in an interview with TIME.

She added, “She just happens to be the CEO.”

In a conversation with TIME, Ivanka also addressed a growing number of criticism she’s received for her decision to serve as a surrogate for the president on the “Access Hollywood” tape.

“I think it’s a mistake to characterize my role in the campaign as a distraction,” Ivanka told TIME.

“The campaign has been about making sure women are represented in the Oval Office, and in my role, I have been focused on helping Ivanka and Jared get their message out, and I think that’s a good thing.”

Ivanka has long been a critic of Trump’s policies, which she says have hurt women.

She was among the first to criticize Trump for his proposed travel ban, which many people thought would target Muslim-majority countries.

The ban, however, has had a wide-ranging effect, as many of its targets have gone back to their countries.

And Ivanka has also defended her father by saying he’s “been a champion for women” and for women’s health.

“He has taken on a lot of different issues,” Ivanka said.

“But he’s been a champion.

And I think the people of this great country are going to see that from the president.”

Ivanka Trump has made no secret of her ambitions to be a powerful force in the family’s new business venture.

She recently told Time that she’d like to buy a stake in a company that makes cosmetics.

And in February, she told Vanity Fair, “I have no plans to do any work that doesn’t contribute to my own success.”

And last month, she said that her role as the president’s adviser, adviser to the president, and executive vice president for global brand and operations, would eventually include serving as chief executive.

(The White House has yet to comment on this claim.)

She’s also been active on the social media platform Instagram, where she’s used to sharing her personal life and sometimes her political views.

“It’s a very, very personal, very beautiful world,” she said.

But in recent years, she’s been more critical of Trump, including a recent tweet that was widely seen as a reference to her father.

“If you were a Trump voter, what would you say to Ivanka Trump?

She’s one of us,” she wrote.

“Why is it that you never get to know the real Trump?

It’s not that you don’t know him, it’s just that you’ve been blinded by the lie that’s being fed to you.

You don’t understand the truth.”

And she also has been vocal about the lack of respect that her father has for women.

“We have so much to learn from our president,” she told TIME, referring to his alleged misogyny.

“So many of these things, I think, are just lies being told to distract us from the real problems.”

Ivanka is a longtime supporter of women’s rights and women’s equality, and has been outspoken on the issue since she was a child.

She attended her first public school in New York, where the teachers told her that she could not attend because of her gender.

But she later changed her mind.

She later attended her second school in a predominantly white, working-class neighborhood in Manhattan.

She said that she wanted to be there for her classmates because “I wanted to see a