How to ski at the best resorts in Pennsylvania

How to get to Pennsylvania’s biggest resorts from New York: 1.

Find a place with a ski area 2.

Go for a snowshoe ride at the Pennsylvania Ski Area 3.

Take a short break to eat, drink and relax at the Big Sky Ice Cream and Ice Packing Company 4.

Go on a snowboard trip to the Blue Ridge Mountains 5.

Go ski the scenic Pottstown Mountains in Pennsylvania 6.

Go skiing in the Blue Mountains 7.

Ski in the Great Smoky Mountains in Tennessee 8.

Go snowboarding in the Grand Teton National Park 9.

Go sledding in the Appalachian Mountains in North Carolina 10.

Go tubing in the Powder Springs State Park 11.

Go biking in the Black Hills 12.

Ski and snowboard at the Appalachian Trail 13.

Go hiking in the Red River Gorge in Montana 14.

Go horseback riding in the mountains in Colorado 15.

Go swimming in the Cimarron River in New York 16.

Go mountain biking in Vermont 17.

Go cycling in the Rocky Mountains 18.

Go golfing in the Catskills 19.

Go fishing in New England 20.

Go rock climbing in the Finger Lakes area 21.

Go archery in the Brier Bay National Park 22.

Go hunting in the Atlantic Highlands 23.

Go sailing in the Hudson River 24.

Go canoeing in New Jersey 25.

Go birdwatching in New Hampshire 26.

Go ice skating in the White Mountains 27.

Go paddle boarding in the Maine coast 28.

Go climbing in Glacier National Park 29.

Go kayaking in the North Fork of the Acadia River 30.

Go zip lining in the Cape Cod Bay 30.

Get your hands on some great ski boots from New Jersey Ski Co. 31.

Go camping in the Big Sandy State Park in New Mexico 32.

Go yoga in the New England Institute of Health 33.

Go riding in a snowmobile in the Pines National Park 34.

Go in a canoeing trip on the St. Lawrence River in Connecticut 35.

Go diving in the Gulf of Maine 36.

Go backpacking in the Appalachians 37.

Go surfing in the Bahamas 38.

Go fly fishing in the Caribbean 39.

Go snorkeling in the Chesapeake Bay 40.

Go tobogganing in Canada 41.

Go shooting in the South Atlantic 42.

Go bowling in the Boston area 43.

Go beach volleyball in the Rhode Island Bay 44.

Go running in the French Polynesia 45.

Go tennis in the UK 46.

Go volleyball in Spain 47.

Go cross country skiing in Norway 48.

Go karate dancing in Japan 49.

Go BMX biking in Norway 50.

Go roller skating in Norway 51.

Go bungee jumping in Canada 52.

Go mountaineering in the British Columbia Mountains 53.

Go triathlon in the Himalayas 54.

Go bike riding in Britain 55.

Go bobsledding in Switzerland 56.

Go equestrianism in Australia 57.

Go dog sledding near London 58.

Go water skiing in Canada 59.

Go surf fishing in Canada 60.

Go gokarting in France 61.

Go road cycling in Switzerland 62.

Go indoor swimming in Switzerland 63.

Go skateboarding in Canada 64.

Go rugby in Australia 65.

Go windsurfing in Australia 66.

Go longboard surfing in Canada 67.

Go wheelchair tennis in Australia 68.

Go outdoor snowboarding near Victoria 69.

Go downhill skiing in Alberta 70.

Go sand volleyball in New Brunswick 71.

Go jiu-jitsu in New Zealand 72.

Go boxing in New South Wales 73.

Go basketball in Australia 74.

Go football in Australia 75.

Go soccer in Australia 76.

Go weightlifting in New Caledonia 77.

Go bicycle touring in New Holland 78.

Go gymnastics in New Guinea 79.

Go speed skating in New Spain 80.

Go scuba diving in New Scotland 81.

Go motorcycle riding in New France 82.

Go baseball in Australia 83.

Go softball in Australia 84.

Go squash in New Zealand 85.

Go field hockey in Australia 86.

Go ultimate frisbee in New Zeland 87.

Go track cycling in Australia 88.

Go women’s tennis in New Georgia 89.

Go hockey in New Britain 90.

Go lacrosse in New West Wales 91.

Go rowing in Australia 92.

Go aquatics in New Bedford, New Hampshire 93.

Go fall in Canada 94.

Go winter skiing in Alaska 95.

Go spring skiing in Australia 96.

Go summer skiing in New Westminster, British Columbia 97.

Go cricket in Australia 98.

Go viking fishing in Britain 99.

Go skating in France 100.

Go cyclocross in Australia 101.

Go trail running in New Italy 102.

Go ziplining in the US 103.

Go skydiving in Australia 104.

Go tumbling in Canada 105.

Go hill climbing in Canada 106.

Go crampon climbing in New Chile 107.

Go rope jumping in Australia 108.

Go whitewater raft