How to get a discount on Greenbrier Resort in Key West

Key West, FL — I know it’s the first resort I heard about that’s offering discounts on its resort rooms, but I was curious about the resort and the prices they’re charging for them.

Here are the resort rooms for comparison purposes: Greenbriers Resort: A 3,500 sq. ft. villa that rents for $1400 per night, a 2,400 sq. x 2,200 sq. foot suite at $1275 per night.

Greenbries resort is a $100 discount for the first night.

The price includes meals and beverages.

Red Rock Resort: The resort has 2,000 sq. feet that rents at $1,800 per night for an average of $2,200 per night (no taxes).

The price does include breakfast and dinner.

The resort also offers a complimentary water ride from the resort parking lot.

The hotel offers a $50 per night discount.

Blue Ridge Mountain Resort: Two 3,000sq.

ft suites at $835 per night and a 3,600 sq. sq. suite for $1-2,000 per night with no taxes.

The prices include breakfast, lunch and dinner and complimentary water.

The Blue Ridge resort also has a complimentary meal service from the pool area.