Brighton ski resort to build a ski resort in northern Colorado


(Reuters) – A California-based ski resort is set to begin building a ski facility on a former military base near a remote Colorado mountain resort in the United States’ most remote region.

Brighton Ski Resort said on Friday it had secured a $200 million federal loan for the facility that could be finished in 2018.

The resort, which is part of the Brighton National Forest, is seeking a federal loan of up to $1.4 billion for the development, the Denver Post reported.

It is the latest development in a rapidly expanding ski industry in the U.S. The industry has boomed in recent years as snow-loving tourists and skiiers flock to the Colorado region, often for the first time.

The development is the second of its kind in the country, following a $1 billion development at the same site in South Dakota last year.

It was unclear how much the project would cost.

Brighten said the ski facility would include ski lifts, two runways, a snowmobile park and a restaurant and spa.