Aussie couple finds love at the resort they have lived in since they were children

A couple from Australia who moved to New Zealand last year has found love at a resort they’ve lived in for the past two decades. 

Ruth and Chris Hynes, who are originally from Queensland, are currently enjoying their summer break at the Gold Coast Resort.

“We moved here from New Zealand in 2011 and we loved it,” said the couple, who met at a childrens theme park in the country.

“Our kids loved it so much and we didn’t want to leave them behind.”

The whole time we were living in New Zealand we were still looking for our home so we wanted to move somewhere else but we didn.

A native of Perth, Ms Hynes had been living in the resort for the last two years after living in Auckland.”

It was a great idea for us, we’ve always wanted to live somewhere that has a bit of a lifestyle and we’re just excited to do it at this time.”

A native of Perth, Ms Hynes had been living in the resort for the last two years after living in Auckland.

The couple were looking for somewhere with more outdoor fun and a more casual lifestyle and moved to the Gold Coast in 2011.

“It’s the perfect place for us to be and we love it here,” said Ms Hynkson.

“There’s lots of options for people to go to and there’s also a lot of food and accommodation.”

Ruth Hynes has been living at the Gold coast resort for two years.

“I think it’s been an amazing experience,” she said.

“I love the way the people live here, there’s just a really laid back vibe.”RUTH HYNKSON: “I love it when people come here for a day.

I love the fact that the kids don’t have to go everywhere.”

The Gold Coast Resort is currently the second largest hotel in New York State after the Four Seasons in Manhattan.

“Everyone has a place they can go,” said Chris Hynkins.

“When we were looking at where we wanted our house, we looked at the area around us and decided that we wanted a smaller house so we’re happy to have settled here.”

And we have a lot more space now, so there’s less things that have to be sorted out.

“People have so much fun at the house.”

The couple have been staying at the property for the time being, but they plan to make a decision on what they want to do with the property when the time is right.

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