Which stick resort is best for golfers?

Golfers need to make a decision as to which resort is right for them.

Here are some important factors to consider when choosing the right golf resort.

The Lad’s top 10 golf resort rankings.1.

Horseshoe Bend, Oregon2.

Canyons National Park, Nevada3.

The Woodlands, Texas4.

Deer Valley, California5.

Pinnacle Rock, New Mexico6.

Boca Raton, Florida7.

Cancun, Mexico8.

Pebble Beach, Florida9.

La Quinta, California10.

Paradise Valley, Texas1.

Cinco Rancho, California2.

The Golf Club, California3.

Golf Country Club, Florida4.

Pigeon Forge, Colorado5.

The Blue Ridge, North Carolina6.

The Woods, South Carolina7.

Pumphouse Golf Club and Country Club in Georgia8.

Cuyamaca Golf Course, Arizona9.

Ponderosa, Florida10.

Deerland Resort, Montana