When is winter park in Israel open?

When will winter park be open in Israel?

It’s a question that has been asked by a few Israelis since the park opened last summer.

A spokesperson for the park, located in the north of the country, did not respond to The Jerusalem Report’s request for comment on whether winter park will open on Monday.

However, it seems likely that it will be open, given the number of Israelis who are looking forward to visiting Winter Park Resort in the coming weeks. 

As for when the park might open, the spokesperson did not say. 

However, the resort does appear to be getting ready to open on March 20, which is a date many Israelis are hoping to see when the resort is open. 

Last week, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced the resort would be opening for guests on March 19. 

“I am thrilled that we are opening the Winter Park resort to the masses for the first time since it was built,” he said. 

Israel has one of the highest densities of tourists in the world, with visitors arriving from over 40 countries in a single day. 

 Winter Park is located on a large peninsula of the Golan Heights, which has been part of Israel since 1967. 

The resort has been open for over 30 years, but many of its guests come from Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, the Palestinian territories, the Gaza Strip and elsewhere. 

Winter park has seen a surge in popularity since opening, with guests spending over $400 million at the resort, according to the website of the Israel Tourism Authority.