La Gazzetta dello Sport: Gazzetto’s La Grazie del Mar

Gazzettini’s La Fama del Mar is the most spectacular beach on the Italian mainland and the most photographed one.

The sun shines brightly over the sand and waves crash against the beach, while the sand is strewn with a variety of fish and other aquatic life.

The sea, however, is far from calm and some of the more dangerous animals live on the beach.

On one side of the beach there are two rocky cliffs, the former of which are known as the ‘Black Gates’.

On the other side of them is the ‘White Gate’.

The two are separated by a narrow, sandy strip.

The Black Gates have been open for more than 1,000 years and, like many other beaches in the world, the White Gate has been heavily affected by recent volcanic eruptions.

In the last century, a number of eruptions have erupted from this part of the island, creating an enormous crater which is today the site of the Black Gates.

La Gorgettini has a number specialised facilities.

The resort, which is in charge of maintaining the island’s tourism, has a large swimming pool with its own spa and a huge amphitheatre.

The hotel, situated at the foot of the White Gates, has its own private restaurant.

On the first floor there is a dining room with its main entrance in the shape of a fish cage, the ‘pesto fettuccini’.

There is also a dining area and a sauna area.

The spa offers massage, and the hotel offers a private pool.

On top of the spa, a gymnasium offers a swimming pool.

The hotels main resort, La Cattolica, has been operating since the 1950s and offers a stunning view of the sea and the beach at La Goria del Mar. Guests can take a boat trip to the island of Vigaro, a popular fishing destination in the bay.

The island is also home to the famous Ponte del Mar, a rocky island which is considered a ‘sea-front’.

There are many attractions to be found in the Black Gate resort, including a number restaurants, bars, theatres, and a number shops, as well as a number cinemas.