Hotel owner stumps for money to keep resort open amid closures

Hotel owner Thomas Resorts has asked the U.S. government for more than $300 million in emergency funding to keep the resort open and open its doors, and to expand its services in the wake of Tropical Storm Allison.

In a letter to the U:The letter, obtained by The Washington Times, says the hotel, based in the Bahamas, needs at least $300.8 million in cash and other assets in order to pay its bills and support its operations.

Thomas Resorts, based on the property formerly known as The Ritz Carlton, is based on a golf course in Miami and is owned by the billionaire brothers of The Roto Group, which owns the PGA of America.

The resort’s owners are asking for more money to help cover the cost of operations, including staff salaries, equipment and supplies.

The letter states the resort’s operations have suffered because of the storm, and the family has struggled to keep it running.

The Resorts have asked for $25 million in funding, including $35 million for staff salaries.

It also asks for additional cash from the government to pay for the $300-million needed.

The government has been providing emergency funding for hotels, hotels and resorts since the storm hit the Bahamas.

Thomas Residences was among the hotels hit hard by Allison, which caused extensive damage to a nearby golf course.

A state review board is now considering the request.

In addition to Resorts Inc., The Resorts Group and the Resorts International Corporation, which also operates the Residences, the company also owns a hotel in Dubai and another in the Philippines.