Cats kill 13,400 in resorts near mine, all inclusive resorts

Cats have killed 13,200 people in a record number of resorts around the world, with at least 6,000 deaths in New Zealand, according to data from the World Cat Health Observatory.

The death toll rose to 13,819 from 13,611 in the previous week, according the Observatory, which compiled data from nearly 20,000 resorts worldwide.

The death rate in New York City and Los Angeles was even higher, with 5,947 and 5,543 deaths in those areas, according, the Observatory.

In London, London and Paris, there were 4,976 and 4,711 deaths.

New Zealand has the highest death rate of all countries in the world.

Its population is 7.4 million, while the rest of the world has 1.9 billion.

New Zealand has more than 1,600 resorts.

The World Cat Organization (WCPO) said there were 9,838 people killed in New South Wales, which has more resorts than any other country.

The number of deaths was 3,823, according a tally compiled by the U.S. Embassy. In the U