Why I’m excited about Tahoe’s future in ski resorts

The Tahoe Resort Company has announced plans to launch the first of three new ski resorts on its lands in western Pennsylvania, the first time the company has done so in more than a decade.

The Tahoe resort in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, is the first new ski resort in more years, according to a press release issued Wednesday.

It will open in 2019 and be the first on the resort’s western lands.

Tahoe Resort Co. chairman and CEO John O’Hara said the resort will have five lifts and will feature the company’s most advanced skis and snowboards.

The company has been exploring ways to develop new resorts in the region for some time.

In addition to Tahoe, the resort company is exploring possible ski and snowboard projects in eastern Pennsylvania, including two resorts planned for the Pennsylvania-Wisconsin border in the near future.

O’HARA said the Tahoe resorts will feature more than 50 skis, more than 60 snowboards, more trails and more accommodations than ever before.

The company is working to get approval for the two projects.

In the latest announcement, O’ Hara said, the Tahoes will open the first two resorts in 2019, but they will have only five lifts, including a traditional lift.

It is not yet clear when those lifts will open.

Tohoe, which is owned by the resort, is owned and operated by a consortium of seven companies that include the resort.

The ski resorts operate from two properties, one in Bucks county and one in York county, and they operate through a joint venture between Tahoe and a company called Skier Mountain LLC.

In 2018, the company announced plans for two new ski lifts, and it also plans to expand its footprint in the area with more lifts and more lodging.

It also plans for a resort in the mountains near Pittsburgh.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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