What you need to know about the Bilmar Beach Resort

The Bilmar beach resorts is about 20 miles north of Denver, home to the NFL’s Denver Broncos and the Colorado Rockies.

It’s a popular destination for Broncos players who play on Sundays in the summer, and its proximity to Denver means that its an easy way to visit Colorado during the winter months.

But this year, the resort will close for good on Nov. 30, 2017, after a series of incidents.

Here’s what you need know about what happened on Thursday night: 1.

It happened on the second floor of the resort.

According to the resort’s Facebook page, “the balcony of the Resort has been damaged by an unknown object” on the first floor of Bilmar resort.

The resort’s social media posts said the damage was caused by an object from a “black SUV.”

According to a spokesperson for the resort, the damage is estimated at $250,000.

According the Facebook post, “we will be offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to the identification and/or arrest of the driver responsible.”


The damage is being investigated by the FBI.

The Denver Police Department told local ABC affiliate KUSA that there was no reported incident.

However, in a press release from the department, the agency said the investigation was ongoing.


According a report in Denver Magazine, there have been other incidents involving the hotel since the first incident.

In March 2017, the hotel received a “significant amount of damage,” and that it had been closed since March 2.

In June 2017, a security guard and his wife were reportedly robbed and threatened with a gun while visiting the hotel, according to KUSA.

The following month, a man was allegedly threatened with violence at the hotel and then arrested.


In May 2017, an 18-year-old man was arrested and charged with attempted murder after he allegedly stabbed two people at the resort in a shooting.

According an arrest warrant affidavit, the man was traveling to the Bilmer Mountain Resort with two friends in a black SUV, according the warrant.

He told investigators that he had “seen a man in a hoodie and white shirt.”

The warrant says the man then “started walking around and started shooting at people.”


On Wednesday, an employee at the Bilmor beach resort told ABC affiliate KMGH that the resort was evacuated for an unknown reason.

The employee said the evacuation was “very dangerous” and said there was “no way” for the guests to get out of the building.

“We are going to stay here until they are cleared,” the employee said.


A report from the Denver Post says a man “who was on the balcony of Bilmer resort with his friend when he was attacked” told them he was not in the resort that night.

The suspect said the man “was standing on the roof of the property and his friend started to scream at him to leave.

The man then tried to get back in his vehicle but the driver of the SUV followed him and drove off,” the report said.


The Bilmer Beach resort is located on the southern edge of the Denver metro area, a short drive from the state capital of Denver and some of the city’s most affluent neighborhoods.

The area is home to many people of African descent, according data from the U.S. Census Bureau.


The investigation into the attack on the resort began in January, when police responded to a call about a man with a knife and a knife to a nearby bar.

A witness told police that a man appeared to be intoxicated and was yelling at people, saying, “This is for my friends.”

The witness said he told police he saw the man in the SUV pointing the knife at people.

The witness also told police “he saw the SUV pull out of a parking lot, get out and the SUV drive off.”


The second man was charged with attempting to commit murder in connection with the attack.

The alleged assailant told police the two men had a verbal altercation in the parking lot of a nearby hotel.

According court documents, police said that the two then allegedly punched each other and threatened to kill each other.

The victim said that he was “getting too high” and that the man’s friend “was yelling, ‘I don’t care.'”

Police said that when the man walked away, the suspect chased him and attempted to stab him.

According police, the victim ran into a building and the two fled on foot.


On Thursday, the Denver Broncos said in a statement that they are “committed to providing our guests with a safe, welcoming and comfortable experience at our resorts and will continue to work with the authorities as they investigate this incident.”


The Broncos issued a statement Friday morning saying, “[We] are grateful for the support and cooperation of our guests and employees at our Denver Resort, including the local police department.

We are working to assist authorities with their ongoing investigation and will

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