“The Greatest Show on Earth” – The Greatest Show On Earth II, Pt. 4 – “This Is What You Get” video by the band KISS – audio link

“The greatest show on earth, oh my!”

– KISS frontman Alex Lifeson at the press conference for his new record, “The Ultimate Soundtrack” (pictured), released this month.

“We did it, we made it.”

– Lifeson says at the time of the “This is what you get” video, “We made it to that point, and then it all went to hell.”

The music video features a man who looks just like former president Donald Trump, who is seen dancing around in a room full of gold and diamonds, with an ominous, futuristic, gold-encrusted clock ticking on a screen.

The man, who appears to be the leader of the band, also appears in the video wearing a gold-and-blue suit.

A video for “This Isn’t Love” – the new KISS track – featured a similar scene in which the man appears in his golden-and‑blue suit and is dancing.

The video was released to promote “The Ultimatum,” the latest album by the former KISS, which will be released on October 6, 2017.

The album features new songs from “This Ain’t No Time,” “I Know What You Did Last Summer” and “The One I Love.”