Rideshare companies offer ride-sharing to Caribbean resort communities

Ridesharing companies are offering ride-share service to Caribbean resorts at a time when a growing number of resorts are shutting down due to the Zika virus.

Rideshare company Vivid has launched its ride-hailing service to a group of Caribbean resorts including Jamboree, Tridos, and St. Thomas.

The ride-Hire service, which was launched this week, allows riders to choose from a large number of options including Uber, Lyft, and Ola.

A trip will cost around $15.

The company has partnered with some Caribbean resorts to expand its service, but has not yet launched it in all of them.

“We’ve been able to launch some rideshare in Trido and St Thomas, but we haven’t launched the service in all resorts,” a Vivid spokesperson told The Daily Beast.

“The resort owners are very eager to continue to expand rideshare to the rest of the Caribbean.”

This article originally appeared on The Daily Show.