How to keep skiing at your winter resort without resort tax

A resort tax on ski and snowboard rentals could be on the way in Montana as the state mulls an overhaul of its resort tax structure.

Montana is the fourth state in recent years to overhaul its resort taxes to better target revenue and reduce tax rates.

Montanas Department of Revenue says the resort tax, which applies to the state’s ski area and other lodging facilities, will be $1,300 for a room in one of Montana’s most popular resort properties.

The tax is set to rise $1.50 a month from now to $1 to $2 per night starting Jan. 1, 2020.

The new tax, to be collected through a new program known as the Ski Tax Fund, will help fund the Montana Parks and Wildlife Service’s mountain ranger program and help cover the cost of snow and ice maintenance.

The program, which has already received approval from the state legislature, aims to save the state money on snow and freezing costs by using money from resort taxes collected to cover snow maintenance costs.

The ski tax fund is slated to start collecting in 2019.

But Montana’s tax increase comes at a time when ski and winter sports are growing in popularity, with nearly 300,000 people visiting the state in January alone.

In February, Montana Gov.

Steve Bullock announced that the state would phase out its resort and snowboarding tax by 2026.

The move is expected to save more than $50 million over five years, the governor said.

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