How the world’s biggest resort is being built in a forest in the middle of nowhere

Posted May 08, 2018 07:59:18 Australia’s largest resort has been granted planning permission for a massive expansion at the seascapes resort in the northern Kimberley.

The $40 billion project would bring 1,400 jobs to the region and the world.

Key points: The $41 billion project will expand the Seascape Resort in the Kimberley’s southern region of the country to the edge of the Barrier ReefThe project will create 1,800 jobs for the regionThe project’s first phase will open to the public in 2019The project is expected to create 1.5 million jobs across the countryThe project has been approved by the NSW Government and the Queensland Government.

The first phase is expected for the southern end of the resort, and the second phase is being developed in the Northern Territory.

Construction of the second stage is expected in 2019.

The project will allow the resort to open its doors to the general public in 2028.

It will also include a large number of office space and a large swimming pool.

Key points:The project would expand the seacapes resort to the edges of the Great Barrier Reef, and expand its swimming poolThe expansion will create jobs for hundreds of thousands of peopleThe expansion is expected on the south coast of Australia, and will be one of the largest expansions ever in the country.

The new resort will be a large part of a $41.7 billion project to upgrade and upgrade the seaports of the northern part of the Kimberleys.

The project was approved by NSW Planning Minister Rob Stokes and the state’s Deputy Premier and Leader of the Opposition, Fiona Nash.

“It’s great news for the northern parts of the Northern Maroochydore National Park, particularly in the area that we’re currently working on, and also for the community of northern Queensland,” said NSW Premier Mike Baird.

New developments are in the pipeline to improve tourism and create thousands of jobs, including an extension of the existing parkway to the north, as well as the construction of a new road that will connect the park to the northern beaches.

Australia’s largest public infrastructure project will be completed by the end of 2020.

A further $11.7 million is expected from the Queensland government for the second expansion.

The project, known as the Great Seascapes, is one of several being considered in Australia’s northern and southern regions.

More to come.

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