The best beaches for a holiday: the best beaches in Australia

From beaches to mountains, the beaches of Australia can be both wild and beautiful.

Here’s our picks for the best beach in Australia, and some suggestions on how to get there.


Carnarvon Beach in Melbourne The Carnarvan Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Melbourne, with around 40,000 people visiting each year.

It is a popular spot for sunbathing and relaxing on the beach.

It has a great mix of sand dunes and sandbanks, and is popular with families, so it’s a good spot for families to spend a relaxing afternoon or evening out.

The resort also has a gym and tennis courts.


The Bowery Resort in New York City The Bowersy Resort is a classic resort in New Yorks New York city.

It was built in the 1920s and is still a popular destination for families and beach goers.

It boasts an oceanfront setting and has a full service bar and restaurant.


The Blue Mountains in New Zealand The Blue Mountain is an area of the Blue Mountains that is famous for its incredible scenery, including the Blue Mountain Lake, which is the largest lake in the world.

It’s a popular beach for families, but it’s also popular with walkers and cyclists.

The blue mountains have an average of over 10,000 guests a year.


The Alpacas Cove in New South Wales The Alpaca Cove is an old waterfront spot, which has become a popular tourist destination.

It features a spectacular view of the sea, which stretches for almost 300 kilometres.


The Golden Sands in Victoria The Golden Sand is a great spot for a beach holiday.

It includes a beach, tennis courts, swimming pool, gym, fitness centre and even a cinema.


St. Patrick’s Beach in Queensland The St. Pats beach is located on the outskirts of Brisbane, just south of the city.

The sand dune is popular among walkers, cyclists and families, as well as a great place to relax on a sunny afternoon.


The Great Barrier Reef in Australia The Great Reef is a world heritage site and one of Australia’s best protected beaches.

The reef is famous because of the great variety of marine life that live there.

It also attracts people from around the world, with some tourists visiting every year.


The Beach at Pinnacle Beach in New Brunswick The Pinnacle beach is one the most famous beaches in New Jersey.

It hosts some of the world’s best surf and diving and is one popular spot when visiting the state.


La Cantera Resort in Tasmania La Canteras Resort is one most famous beach in Tasmania.

The hotel has a swimming pool and tennis court, with a variety of restaurants and bars to cater for all types of visitors.


The Pines in Tasmania The Pikes Peak Resort has been known as the world famous location of Pikes peak, and has become one of Tasmania’s favourite beaches.

It offers a unique setting for visitors to enjoy a picnic, a beach and the ocean, as it has a stunning view of Pines Peak, and the Pikes peaks cliffs.


Lake Victoria in New England The Lake Victoria is the second-largest lake in New Hampshire, and boasts a sandy beach with a wide sand bank.

It sits just a few hundred metres from the ocean.


Great Barrier Beach in Tasmania Great Barrier beach is the most photographed and photographed location in Tasmania, and attracts thousands of visitors each year to the area.

It attracts visitors from around Australia, with the Great Barrier Island attracting the largest number of tourists each year, but the resort also boasts an outdoor beach, a tennis court and the Great White Shark Sanctuary.


Whangarei Beach in Australia Whangāi Beach is a coastal resort in Queensland.

It enjoys a great variety with sand dales, sandy beaches, waterfalls, rock slides and even an amazing whale watching and shark watching experience.


The South Beach Resort in Australia South Beach is located in the South Island of New Zealand, in a small town called Whangara.

The beach is popular for families.

It combines a beach with restaurants and is a favourite spot for family holidays.


Beach Resort on the Lake Victoria The Lake has been named the world heritage UNESCO World Heritage Site, and it has been called one of nature’s most important and beautiful sites.

The lake is popular because of its incredible diversity of marine organisms and wildlife, including whales, seals, dolphins and turtles.


The Grand Canal in Australia Lake Victoria has been given UNESCO World heritage status by UNESCO.

It forms part of the Grand Canal network that connects New Zealand and Australia.


The White Sands in Nevada Las Vegas is one to watch for any weekend in July.

The Las Vegas Strip is the place to be when you are on a beach or pool holiday.

The Strip offers

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