Diamonds Resort to open in ‘hidden mountain resort’

Diamonds resort will open in a mountain resort in South Africa’s Kruger National Park, its chief executive officer has said.

Key points:The resort will feature more than 3,000 rooms, including the world’s largest hotel, the world-renowned Diamond Mountain Resort, and a spaThe company said the resort will have more than 200,000 square metres (1,500,000 sq ft) of hotel spaceThe resort’s new headquarters will be in the mountain resort’s existing Golds River hotel siteThe resort is the first to open since the resort was opened to the public in 2008, with the first three rooms being reserved for guests from South Africa and the US.

Mr Gwynne Krom, who is also CEO of the Diamond Mountain resort, said the Diamonds was “going to be the best resort in the world” and the company had already made “a lot of progress” in the past 12 months.

“This is the biggest project in the country’s history,” Mr Krom told reporters at the launch of the new resort in Nelson, the capital of South Africa.

“We’ve had a lot of great staff and great staff in this project, and it’s been an absolute joy to work with them and to help them realise their dreams.”

Mr Krom said the new Diamonds would feature more and better rooms, and more and more people, from the countries and regions where it is being built.

He said the resorts’ new headquarters would be in Golds Island, a town near the resort, and will be the first of its kind in South African history.

The Diamonds’ new flagship hotel, The Diamonds Tower, will be opened later in the year.

Mr Krome said the company’s hotel room capacity was set at 100,000, compared with a global average of 40,000.

The hotel’s new offices will be built in a former Golds river hotel site, where it has been since 2008.

The company expects to open its new headquarters by 2021, with its first two properties, The Golds and The Diamond, expected to open by 2022.

The announcement came as Mr Krome was touring Kruger, where the resort’s three hotels, Golds, Diamonds and Diamond Village, are located.

Mr Kruger is home to the largest diamond deposit in the World, a rare gem worth about $20 billion.

In a statement, the resort said it would continue to work closely with the government to develop the resort.

“The Diamond Mountain Hotel is one of the most important projects in the development of the South African economy,” it said.

“It will be a world-class resort with world-leading amenities, including high-quality indoor swimming pools, spa facilities and fitness centres.”

Diamond Mountain will be one of our largest resorts, providing the most luxurious accommodation in the national park.

“In addition to the hotel, Diamond Mountain will have a high-speed train station, a high speed airport and a shopping mall.”

The announcement comes after a review of the company last year, when the company revealed it had to pay $8.5 million in penalties for its role in a series of scandals including fraud, breach of fiduciary duty and improper payments.

Mr Dolan, who took over the company in 2012, has pledged to overhaul the Diamond Mountains.

The new resort will be set up in a forested area in the Golds region of South East Africa.

The South African government has approved a 10-year partnership with the company.

It will include a 10,000-room hotel and a 200,00 sq metre (1.5 acre) spa.

“I’m very proud to say that the Diamond is the only hotel in the whole country to have a private pool and spa in its existing Gold River hotel,” Mr Dolan said in the statement.

“A lot of our guests will enjoy a private spa and pool in our resort, which will also include an indoor swimming pool.”

When it opens, the Diamond will be South Africa, and we’ll be doing business in the rest of the world.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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